Maximize Your Greatest Asset...Yourself! Workshop

Maximize Your Greatest Asset...Yourself! Workshop is an interactive training based on Janell's new book that teaches nine life-changing affirmations that transformed her life. This workshop includes a detailed workbook to help you through each affirmation, video training, supplemental resources, a private group, and additional support.


Learn nine life-changing affirmations that are designed to:

  • Reduce fear and self-doubt while increasing your self-confidence
  • Overcome procrastination and take action toward your goals
  • Discover what it really means to love and value yourself
  • Get unstuck by mapping out your plans
  • Let go of old beliefs that limit you
  • Move beyond your past mistakes
  • Tools to help you walk fully in your purpose

Your Instructor

Janell Jones
Janell Jones

Janell Jones started a business and wrote the book that was burning inside her. Today, Janell is a life-coach, published author, social work professional, founder of a publishing company, and a speaker with an urgent message for women: Your dreams matter. In her new release, “Maximize Your Greatest Asset…Yourself!” Janell shares the amazing story of how she took the leap that awakened her to her purpose and destiny.

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